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Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy is a powerful healing modality that unlocks and heals
distortions within our sub-conscious mind patterns and core belief structures - these
memories, thoughts and beliefs have an immeasurable effect on how we operated as
individuals both within the inner (personal) and outer (public) arenas of our day-to-day

The core focus of PLR therapy is to unlock aspects of your psyche and personality, so as
to allow for the healing of unresolved perceptions and beliefs that play out in our
interactions with the world.  These un-healed perceptions often lead us to act and react
in ways that are not helpful to leading an enriching and fulfilling life. Healing these
blockages in perception has been proven invaluable in improving ones life, as well as,
resolving particular deep-seated issues and concerns, within the body, mind and

Although there are often deeply profound spiritual awakenings that come about in a PLR
session, one is not required to hold or practice any belief system.

Aside from the therapeutic benefits, PLR therapy is an enlightening and fascinating
modality in which we are able to explore and awaken aspects of ourselves as a part of
our personal growth and development.

A Past Life Regression Session is carried out in two stages:-

r The Consultation Phase  (first +/- 60 minutes)
* Deep relaxation techniques and exercises to assess accessibility to the
sub-conscious mind.

r The Regression Phase  (following +/- 120 minutes)
* Exploration of sub-conscious memories, experiences and beliefs  - Past Lives.
Consultation Fee
R 280.00
(± 60 minutes)
Regression Fee
R 560.00
(± 120 minutes)

The Regression Fee includes a
digital recording of your session
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