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A state of wellness/health is not only that of a lack of physical symptoms but a holistic state of equilibrium in the body and psyche -  It is the natural state of the body, mind, emotion and spirit to be balanced and vibrant, however many of us find ourselves in a pathless landscape of stress, imbalance and disconnection. 

Holistic Wellness Coaching aims to assist each individual in actualising a self-mastery, which allows the one to fully engage with the world and fulfil their personal purpose. The coaching process identifies areas of imbalance and provides, by both traditional and alternative methods, a clear process to rectify, solve and manage areas of instability.
As a holistic wellness facilitator, I provide you with an open, compassionate and flexible environment and the necessary tools for awareness and personal growth- it is from this space, you can begin to shift your consciousness, maximise your potential and claim your personal wellness.


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Initial Intake Interview and Strategy Session
R 350.00
(± 60-90 minutes)
Follow-up Coaching Sessions
R 280.00
(± 60 minutes)
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