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The practice of wearing Jewellery is as old as man - every civilisation has a tradition of wearing crystals as adornments, a show of spiritual/ social standing,or for protection and healing.

Wearing Crystal Jewellery is a powerfully subtle practice for healing and spiritual development - even if one is not aware of the properties, they will be drawn to Crystals that positively affect their energy

The most common form used for healing and protection. The length at which a necklace/pendant is worn can enhance and accelerate healing in that area of your energy.
Crystals have been worn as jewellery for eons, all of the ancient civilizations practised the wearing of crystals as jewellery for protection and channelling power centres.

“The science behind the wearing of crystals as jewellery can be explained by the relationship between our skin and the crystal when they come into contact with each other. The crystal gets continuously charged from the heat emanating from the body, which keeps its electrons constantly in an excited state. We in turn, absorb the crystal’s released energy to improve our energy field, and increase our vitality and increase our psychic senses. Some crystal experts believe it takes about 15 days for the energy interaction between our beings and the crystal to synchronize fully.”

All of our Crystal Jewellery is handcrafted and no two items are the same - We invite you to make an appointment to visit the Workshoppe to browse through this truly unique selection...
Crystal Bracelets - Bracelets and bangles are used to energise and activate the heart chakra and meridians that connect heart to hands. (Expression of the heart)

The benefits of wearing crystals as bracelets vary according to the crystals chosen but always have a positive effect on the Heart Chakra and all related meridians...

There is a correlation of information regarding wearing crystals on left or right-hand side of the body and the influence on receiving or projecting energy.
Crystal Earrings can help balance the throat and head energies..

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