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Crystal Healing Practitioners Course

Crystal Healing Practitioner training is available to anyone who has a desire to deepen their understanding of Crystals and their unique ability to promote healing and wellbeing. Previous knowledge/experience is not necessary however this course is a fantastic add-on to any complimentary healing modality you may have already undertaken.

Some of the areas we will explore as part of this course:
Crystal Healing Courses  2018

Sat    06 Jan-21 Apr      14-18h00
Thu   11 Jan-26 Apr     
Thu   05 Jul-18 Oct      18-22h00   
Sat    07 Jul-20 Oct      
> What are Crystals and how they work
> The History of Crystal Healing
> Who am I ? Self-Discovery
> Healing Intention and Intuition
> Self-Treating with Crystals
> Treating others with Crystals
>  The Human body, mind & emotions
>  Chakra & Aura Anatomy
>  Healing the Chakras
>  Sensing Energy
>  Additional Crystal Healing Techniques
>  Crystal Grids

Duration of Course:
16 Weeks (4 hour class once a week)
Cost of Workshop:
R3 000.00 per person

Course costs include refreshments, materials, manual and certification

We all have the ability to heal ourselves; I know, I have done so... in the morning,
know that you are Loved, you are Love and you Love

~ Lisa Bellini ~
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